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Schubraum (Shunt Room)


The admission procedure to the Dachau concentration camp was completed in the shunt room; this procedure was brutal and meant for the prisoners the loss of personal rights, liberty and human autonomy.


The exhibition shows the former shunt room in its original layout. Tables were set up along the axis of the pillars, dividing the room into two parts. On the window side stood the newly arrived prisoners; there they had to undress completely. Behind the tables stood the SS men and the prisoners assigned to work here; they registered all of the newly arrived prisoners and collected their clothes and personal possessions.


In his memoirs the former prisoner Kupfer-Koberwitz describes the admission procedure in the shunt room on




We entered an anteroom and then a large, long hall. Square pillars held up the ceiling, they were located roughly in the middle of the room. Between them were tables which were so positioned that they divided the room into two halves. Placards hung above the tables, they read from A to K, from K to P, etc. Behind these barriers stood some men with completely shaven heads, wearing striped uniforms and with intelligent faces. Again our personal details were taken. In the background a SS man screamed 'Move forward, faster!' The SS man who had brought us in commanded: 'Get undressed, now, quick! All the clothes and underwear in a pile!' ... We were stark naked. Stand at attention naked, - it seemed like a bad joke ...




Prisoners waiting in front of camp headquarters


The photo is a detail taken from a propaganda shot of the SS showing the first prisoners to be sent to the Dachau concentration camp during the admission procedure. Visitors also encounter this shot when entering the shunt room.