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We are closed the second Monday of every month.


Jacksonville Museum of Military History


At the Jacksonville Museum of Military History, we seek to foster an appreciation for the men and women who have served our country. We want to honor their sacrifice and commitment while serving as a reminder of the freedom we often take for granted. Furthermore, we love to educate the community about military history and its importance in our culture. We hope people leave with gratitude and a deeper understanding of veterans and their contribution to our way of life.




Military Families


Senior Citizens:




Monday- 9:00 - 5:00 pm

Tuesday- 9:00-5:00 pm

Wednesday- 9:00-5:00 pm

Thursday- 9:00-5:00 pm

Friday- 9:00-5:00 pm

Saturday- 10:00-5:00 pm

Sunday- Closed

Hours of Operation 


All areas are handicap accessible.

In addition to unique, military-themed souvenirs, take the opportunity to explore the most extensive collection of Arkansas artist Richard DeSpain's artwork.

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About Us

The Jacksonville Museum of Military History opened its doors in May of 2005 to share the rich military history of Arkansas. The museum is located at the site that served as Jacksonville Ordnance Plant's administration office during World War II. As a small, non-profit museum, we are a community of staff and volunteers dedicated to sharing our knowledge and love of military history with visitors. Military history is essential to our community and can enrich our understanding of life today.

In addition to our historically rich exhibits, we have a museum store, a media presentation and projection room, and a research and library room. We also rent out our facility for meetings, receptions, and other functions. Contact us for more information about reservations and cost estimates.

Visitors' Favorite Exhibits 


The Arkansas Ordnance Plant

Initially operational in 1955, the Little Rock Air Force Base increased employment opportunities and helped boost the local economy.


Little Rock Air Force Base


Titan II Missiles

Approved on June 4, 1941, this munitions factory was vital during WWII. Primarily employing women, the Arkansas Ordnance Plant contributed to a population boom in Jacksonville. Initially a humble town of 400 people, Jacksonville increased to a population of 42,000 at its peak.

The Titan II Missile program began in Arkansas during the Cold War. These missiles were significant sources of disaster and tragedy during the 60s, 70s, and 80s. 

Initially operational in 1955, the Little Rock Air Force Base increased employment opportunities and helped boost the local economy.

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