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Future Projects

The Zumwalt Memorial Park

In Memory of Joan Zumwalt

As a non-profit, we seek to provide the community with as much value as possible. This is only possible with our members and foundation. One of our new projects, near and dear to our hearts, is the Zumwalt Memorial Park, which will memorialize our board chair, Joan Zumwalt, who passed in December 2021. 


Joan Zumwalt and her husband, Col. McLyle Zumwalt, were passionate about the military and helping children with special needs and people with disabilities. Joan was a key contributor to the museum and was elemental in placing the fighter jet and helicopter featured on the museum grounds. She loved the museum so much that she requested that instead of funeral flowers, donations be made to the Jacksonville Museum of Military History and Pathfinder Inc. (an organization dedicated to providing services to disabled people).

The Zumwalt Memorial Park is the brainchild of the board members of the museum after our founder and Chairman died in 2021. This park with serve two purposes. To honor our founder and to aid in the beautification of the city of Jacksonville. We hope that the park will give people a place to relax and enjoy our outdoor exhibits.

Want to be a part of the project? Call today to donate! Remember, no amount is too small and all contributions are deeply appreciated. Don't forget, donations are also tax deductions!


The Zumwalt Memorial Park will be located on the north side of the museum grounds. Families and friends will be able to stroll through the park and enjoy the fresh air. We can't imagine a better way to honor Joan's memory.

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